Mission Statement ////////

Res·o·nance - the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.

Visual Resonance is the simple idea of taking everyday experiences, and creating a perspective that invokes emotions that stay with the viewer.  The aim is to feel the experience and be able to live in that brief moment.  Like most artistry, the main objective is to strip away the unnecessary elements of the hectic world to be able to enhance the natural beauty.  Simplicity is key.

From the photographer /////////////////////

I have always had an active fascination with photography.  From playing around with my father's old 35mm film camera to my sister's newer DSLR, I have always had an affinity to shooting whatever caught my eye.  What once started as a simple interest, grew into a more involved hobby, and has grown even further into a deep passion. The goal--now--is to simply create and share my perspective.